General Dentistry

Denture/ Partial Denture

Complete Denture

If you have lost all of your teeth, a complete denture can replace all of your missing teeth. This type of denture can be made once the healing process is completed. We use higher quality materials for the acrylic and the teeth when making the denture. We will take the necessary time to follow each step carefully to give patients a superior quality product. In the case of complete denture, patient with have an opportunity to see, change, approve the appearance of the denture before it is finalized in the laboratory.

Immediate Denture

Our patients also have an option of immediate denture. After extraction of the remaining teeth, the denture is placed in the mouth. This can be achieved with the impression (mold) of the moth taken a couple of weeks before the extractions appointment. This method eliminates any edentulous period for the patient but may require more adjustments after the denture is delivered.

If you have never worn a denture, you will need an adjustment period but with time and practice, you will be able to function. Food can also gather underneath even if the denture fits properly so you may have to rinse it after each meal. The life span for the complete or immediate denture ranges from 5-8 years, after this time it can be relined (resurfaced the inner part of denture for a better fit) or completely redone.

Partial Denture

If you have only a few teeth missing and you are not a candidate for a Fixed Bridge, a good way to replace these missing teeth is a partial denture. Our partials are made of metal and plastic. Metal framework with clasps fit around anchored teeth give them a more stable hold. The plastic (acrylic) part is molded around the metal framework for retention of replacement teeth and better, more comfortable fit. You will chew better, look better and have a healthier mouth.

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